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Reading & Writing

In Montessori classrooms across the globe, you’ll find that children are learning to write before they are learning to read. (this will be the small sentence at main and than following will be through learn more link)

Montessori Materials

  • Sandpaper Letters

In the Montessori approach, kids are introduced to sounds of the letters before they get to know the names of these letters. Sandpaper Letters are the letters of the alphabet presented in small pieces of sandpaper. Children first learn to write letters separately and then combine various letters into words.

  • Montessori Alphabet

Montessori movable alphabet provides kids with outstanding sensorial experience. Children can hold letters in their hands, feel their shape and manipulate them while constructing words.

  • Materials for matching objects and cards/words and cards

Such materials are based on matching objects and cards. A kid is expected to recognize the object and find the match. As a rule, card pictures can be grouped by topic and illustrate some basic objects/words that a child will certainly know.

  • Secret words

This is a box of words written on separate pieces of paper and kept folded. Children take cards with a “silent words” from the box, read them to themselves and fold them back up. Such materials are designed to introduce kids to silent reading.

  • Action cards

It is a small box with verb and noun cards presented to children in a playful manner. Kids are excited to participate in such a game-like activity, as they can both learn and play.


Science in Montessori is known for introducing children to advanced topics in the early years.

  • Topics range from how the world began to the basic principles of astronomy, botany, chemistry, physics, and zoology.
  • The Science Scope and Sequence provides students with many opportunities to focus on the process and issues of science: the study of life, the laws and structure of the universe, and the work of scientists.

Others areas which are touched upon at early stages are;


  • The difference between plants and animals.
  • Identifying and classifying animals
  • Identifying parts of insects, arachnids, crustaceans, mollusks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals
  • Basic needs of animals
  • Animal homes
  • Reproduction
  • Lifecycles
  • Food chains


  • Basic needs of plants
  • Parts of herbaceous plants
  • Parts of trees & shrubs
  • Identification of roots, stems, leaves, seeds, fruit
  • Transpiration
  • Growing and caring for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Investigating how people use plants

Health Sciences

  • Self-esteem
  • Systems of the human body
  • Nutrition
  • Physical education


Special Emphasis is drawn on to child’s English speaking, writing and listening abilities to prepare them for the basic understanding of this very important language.

The Montessori language environment provides a rich foundation in spoken language first. Teachers talk with children about more than instructions. We engage in many hours of joyful conversation and introduce the names of everything to the children; names of continents, animals, units of measurement, textures of fabrics, geometric shapes, colors and their variations, plants, world terrain, etc. We introduce these words in simplicity and in the context of our multi-sensorial curriculum. Sensory experiences, movement and language enhance the physical structure of the brain. The successful formation of brain development and neural circuitry depends on these types of experiences.


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